Where Two loves collide: family and work

These days more and more couples have two passions in life: their family and their work.

Meet Bastian and Vera, a creative couple from Berlin with a young family. They find the lines between work and home blur now more than ever before.

Bastian is the founder of a creative technology company called Jovoto. Built from nothing to a now 80,000 strong team in over 150 countries, it’s been a labour of love from the very first moment but one that comes with a lot of commitment.

Vera is a hair and make up artist who’s setting up her own studio. Working mostly in the music industry, the job requires her to work awkward hours and not conform to the classic 9-5.

how would kids change bastian and vera’s lives?

But what happened when kids came on the scene?

Instead of giving up their ambitions they found they just had another love in their life.

So began the work-life balancing act.

In careers as connected as theirs, how do they ever switch off? They like to spend time together during the weekends when they can but holiday and weekend times are scarce.

Deciding it was time to get away they booked a trip that had everything they needed.

But can the sands of Dubai provide a much needed oasis? Watch our video to find out.

Find out how to book your own dream holiday to Dubai.


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