Where David’s Love for Photography Began

We’re often told we learn a lot from our parents and pick up the odd habit and trait here and there; for David, that’s exactly what happened.

Now he’s an award-winning photographer, but his love for photos all started with a few country walks with Mum and Dad.

Ever since he was given his own camera for his 18th birthday, he’s not stopped snapping and it was soon clear that David had talent and an eye for the finer details.

His parents entered three of David’s pictures into the Down’s Syndrome Association ‘My Perspective’ photography competition and all three of them picked up an award.

Since then he’s had his photos exhibited in New York City, boosting his confidence tenfold.

Would David’s dream come true?

David has been fortunate enough to travel to places like Tanzania where he photographed cheetahs and their cubs. However, there’s one thing he’s always wanted to shoot more than anything else: the Northern Lights.

So after being inspired by our site the family booked a trip of a lifetime and they were off to Iceland in pursuit of the elusive Northern Lights.

But would David and his family be lucky enough to see the Northern lights?

Watch to find out:

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